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Quote : Kate Moss

Posted by freshagents on July 11, 2007

“It was kind of boring for me to have to eat. I would know that I had to, and I would.”


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Gisele Bundchen criticizes Catholic Church’s views.

Posted by freshagents on July 10, 2007

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen spoke out against opposition to condom use, prohibition of abortion, and virginity.

Getting ready for Rio de Janeiro’s Fashion Week, she said, “It’s ridiculous to ban contraceptives — you only have to think of the diseases that are transmitted without them. I think it should be compulsory to use a contraceptive.”

On the note of abortion she argued that a woman should be able to choose what is best for her; “If she thinks she doesn’t have the money or the emotional condition to raise a child, why should she give birth?”

And her views on virginity? “Today no one is a virgin when they get married … show me someone who’s a virgin!”

As a huge idol in Brazil, Gisele’s opinions are likely to be listened to. There are currently various AIDS programs in Brazil which distribute millions of free condoms.

When asked about the pregnancy rumours she clarified their fiction saying, “Of course I want to have a family in the future. But not at this moment.”

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Jaslene + Jeremy?

Posted by freshagents on July 9, 2007

There is a rumor is going round that “America’s Next Top Model” winner Jaslene Gonzalez and Jeremy Piven are a couple. At 41, the Entourage cast member is almost double her age. But could there be something going on?

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