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Children & Modelling…

Posted by freshagents on May 3, 2007

Most agencies should only accept application for under 16’s from parents or guardians.

Although there is no defined starting age for children, we generally don’t register them until they are at around 3 years of age… mainly because it’s very difficult for parents to keep us updated with images when they grow so fast at that age!

Once they are old enough, you should send in simple snap shots, with their eye’s open and a nice big smile… that’s ultimately what clients look for when looking to book a child model.

Try not to send in images with sun glasses and try and make sure you have at least one image of them on their own… with as neutral a background as possible.

Avoid agencies that are looking to charge money for joining or registration, a good reputable agency should generate their income through commission on jobs that they place you in.

There’s a great site where you can get really good information and lists of A List agencies go to www.albamodelinfo that you can trust and use.


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