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Q : Can I model in my spare time?

Posted by freshagents on May 18, 2007

A : This is very much down to ability and personal preference… be direct with your agent and ask for the same in return…. do they honestly think you are good enough to become a full time model?

Also, get a few opinions, even if you don’t register with them all, you can ask several agents for their opinion, then at least you will be able to make an informed decision about giving up your day job….

Remember though, if you are juggling other work commitments, this can make it difficult to get to castings and shoots, being less flexible may limit what modeling work you can do… it’s a bit of a catch 22… but it’s your choice, so think long and hard about it before jumping in head first!

Modeling can earn you a good living, but there are no guarantees, so be prepared, do your homework and proceed with caution!


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Q : What happens if I need to cancel a job?

Posted by freshagents on May 18, 2007

A : This can happen, thats understood …. but there’s a huge difference between a ‘NO SHOW’ and a genuine ‘CANCELLATION’ Once registered, most jobs are confirmed verbally and followed up in writing (usually electronically these days) once this has taken place, you are assumed booked for the job in good faith and will honor this booking.

If you think for any reason that you might not be able to make it, or are holding out for something better paid, don’t accept the job! Wait until you are certain… if you cancel a booking once accepted, without a reasonable, plausible explanation you will be letting your client down and your agent… not to mention yourself and your reputation.

Obviously, some things are out of your control, and like many things, these are considered on an individual basis…. but generally, most agencies will apply penalties or deduct from future any commission lost if you have let them down at the last minute without reasonable explanation…. which is fair enough.

On the flip side, it goes both ways, if a job you are booked for is cancelled within 24 hours, you should be compensated… unless there was a weather or other conditions proviso placed on the booking in the first place, in which case it should be re booked within 48 hours or charged at full cancellation.

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Q : Do I need to be a size zero to be a model?

Posted by freshagents on May 18, 2007

A : Absolutely not, this is a myth… although without a doubt the fashion catwalks are very different and have different requirements… and morals! In the lifestyle/commercial modeling world, men and women need to be average sizes as the people they are aimed at are the general ‘Jo public’ …

Generally, we look for female models to be able to have a dress size anything up to a 14… Men, waist, anything up to a 34… though both of these are a guide and can vary with height… This is mainly to ensure that you can fit into the standard clothing with little alteration requirement….

Overall, and most importantly you need to look healthy…

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Q : Can I be too old or too young to be a model?

Posted by freshagents on May 11, 2007

A : In a word… No! Though we don’t take babies under the age of 3… You just never know who’s going to want a glamorous granny!

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Q : Should I pay to get into modeling?

Posted by freshagents on May 11, 2007

A : No, you should not have to pay registration fee’s or joining fee’s… course this is just our opinion… Model agencies make their money out of you by earning a commission on jobs that they place you in, they should not be charging you just to have you in the books….

They may charge to advertise you to clients, ie on their website or through a book or ‘Zcard’ this is pretty standard as there is a cost to making it happen, but think hard before you commit….

The only thing you may want to pay for is some professional photo’s, although you don’t have to have them to apply, you will need some to be marketed to paying clients. Sometime we try and get free ‘testing’ with commercial photographers. This means that both you and the photographer get images for your portfolio’s, no money is involved on either part, and you both get what you need out of it…

We do organise these where we can, but often photographers are quite specific as to who they want to test with, but it’s worth a try before you go shelling out cash…

If there is no free testing available at the time, then you might want to shop around first before committing to anyone… as a ball park, you should look to pay no more than about £150 for a basic shoot, including hair and make up and images (either negatives or digital images.)

Our advice is to avoid the hotel based ‘Models Wanted’ campaigns and ‘You’ve won first prize in a competition, here’s a free photo shoot’ they are rarely what they appear to be and you often get dragged into going along then end up paying way over the odd’s per image, as if you’d just go for the fun of it!

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Q : How tall do I need to be to be a model?

Posted by freshagents on May 11, 2007

A : For the mainstream commercial market, ie product advertising, lifestyle photography etc…. Women need to be no shorter than 5’7 and Men 5’9. This isn’t a hard and fast rule though, we do have shorter models on our Model books… but is just a general guideline… If you have that something special, then a client may not be bothered about your height, there’s not telling what they are after really…

Why is this I hear to ask… well, there’s a coupld of reasons…

Firstly, this height is used as a guideline is due to the fact that most clothes are made to generic measurements and anyone shorted would have to be catered for individually, so clients prefer to have someone that is easy to fit…

Secondly, often if you are shooting with other models, they will generally all be around these heights, so it would need additional set planning or editing if you were a head and shoulders shorter or taller than anyone else in the shot.

It’s nothing peronal.. honest!

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